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SINCE 2008
From my garage to a warehouse to shipping worldwide 

My name is Niki Rasor and in March of 2008 my firefighter husband asked me to remove a large pocket from his turnout coat.


I did so and then remembered he had some old suspenders laying around as well. I became totally inspired and started getting crafty. I attached the pocket to the suspenders and then stitched on a back side and voila! I had a cool little bag. That is how Firefighter Turnout Bags was born. Little did I know back then I had created an industry! Since then, I have designed over 100 styles, mastered a line of really great high quality bags and created some amazing relationships with women and men worldwide. I have gone from my garage, to a warehouse to shipping Firefighter Turnout Bags all over the world and even inspired knock off companies (pretty cool!)

I live in Southern California with my husband and four children all under the age of 10! In my spare time, I love to surf and take things apart and turn them into something new.

It feels so great to take these old turnouts and recycle them into amazing bags. I love knowing that I am doing something beneficial for the environment and the economy, while showing respect for the gear that enables our firefighters to do the awesome work that they do. 

I am so incredibly grateful that I can contribute to the Fire community.

Much Love & Respect,
Niki Rasor