We believe firefighter turnout gear is something to be treasured, not trashed.The mission of Firefighter Turnout Bags® is to keep retired turnouts out of landfills and offers customers the unique opportunity to carry a bag made with retired firefighter turnout gear. We carry a wide variety of styles for women, men and kids. 


 Returns and Repairs Policy:


  • We can accept returned bags for a full refund if the bag is returned within 15 days after you receive the bag. There will be a $15 return service fee on all refunds and returns and exchanges. 
  • A bag can be exchanged for another product within 15 days after  receiving the bag. If the new bag is less expensive than the original order, we will refund the difference. If the new bag is more expensive than the original order, we will send an invoice to your email. The new bag will be sent once the original bag has been returned to us. If a bag needs to be re-made, it may take up to 10 weeks depending on circumstances. If the new bag is more expensive, the invoice must be paid  before the new order can ship. If the new order is less expensive we will refund you the difference when we ship the new bag to you.
  • If a bag is custom made, differing from what is offered on the website (ie. has differing dimensions), personalized, personal patches, all sales are final.
  • For returns and exchanges, please send this form with the order when you ship it back to us. CLICK HERE to access the form
  • If for any reason your bag needs repairs, you can send it back and we will fix it for you. We will cover the cost of shipping and repairs if its been within three months of purchase. After the first three months, you will be billed for the cost of the repair and shipping; (We do most repairs for free; but we cannot know until we receive the bag and assess the work to be done). Please fill out the bag repair form and include it in the box with your bag. CLICK HERE to access the form
  •  SHIP TO: 2913 Harris Drive Vista CA 92084


Q: What is the turn around time once I place my order?

A: Each CUSTOM made order takes between 3-6 weeks to be made and shipped out to you, after the order has been placed. Shipping takes 1-3 days within the United States, International shipping Varies but tends to be within 6-10 days. 

Each IN STOCK order ships within 2 business days. Shipping takes 1-3 days within the United States, International shipping Varies but tends to be within 6-10 days. 

If you place an order with both Custom bags AND In stock bags, unless we are informed otherwise by the customer, we will automatically ship them together (which will take 3-6 weeks). Making multiple shipments for one order may require additional shipping charges, which we will invoice to your email.  


Q: Can we send in patches or name plates to have attached to our bag?

 A: Absolutely! We will sew on the first patch free and a nameplate for no additional charge. More patches will be $3 each to have added to your bag. On the shopping cart page there will be a "order notes" box, please let us know that you will be sending us a nameplate and/or patches. Print your order receipt after you complete your order and place in the envelop with your patches/nameplate.  Ship to:

 2600 TEMPLE HEIGHTS unit D Oceanside CA 92056


Q: How do you clean the gear?

A: This is a common question, and we take the gear cleaning process very seriously. We are very confident in our cleaning process and the products we use. One of our team members has his Advanced Cleaning for Structural Turnout Gear per NFPA 1851 certification.  FFTOB follows the standards of the NFPA 1851 advanced cleaning for structure gear. 

When we receive the gear, it is first processed and put through a heavy duty comercial grade washer by our NFPA 1851 certified cleaning administrator. 

Second, the gear is cut and scrubbed. After we scrub the gear it is washed again. Then cut into a bag and then it is sewn. After the item is completed, It is put into the wash again. Our cleaning process ensures that the gear is washed three times. We also do not use questionable gear. The gear is $2-5 a piece, but after the washing process, we have invested $30+ into it. We have even had firefighters and turnout repair perfessionals tell us that we're going overboard on our cleaning process. So rest assured, the gear goes through a very rigorous cleaning process. We go above and beyond what the turnout repair/ maintenance companies do. 

Q: Do you customize bags?

A: Every single bag is customized to your liking, except for "in stock" bags. Currently we are only offering a particular set of bags that cannot be altered at this time. The TYPE of bag cannot be altered, but the colors can, and we can make additions, such as patches, text, and other such details. You can find our bag style selection here: http://www.firefighterturnoutbag.com/collections/custom-bags

Q: What's included in the price?

A: The price includes the choice of gear color, reflector tape color and strap color. Each name/set of text is an additional $20; Please email us at customerservice@fftob.com if you want to include additional names on your bag(s). OR you can include the additional set(s) of text that you would like added to the bag in the "order notes" section at checkout, and we will then send you an invoice for the additional costs associated with the additional text. 

Q: Can I use my own gear?

A: You can absolutely use your own gear. Please follow this link for information about using your own gear: http://www.firefighterturnoutbag.com/pages/use-your-own-gear



  • Typically, it's 1 piece of gear to 1 bag (that's approximate). Larger bags require more gear. (The standard duffel requires 3 pieces, the extra large duffel requires about 4 pieces.)
  • Custom made bags are shipped between 3-6 weeks after order placement.
  • The price doesn't change if you use your own gear, however you will receive free order shipping, which will come in the form of a refund when your order is shipped. 
  • Please wash the gear you send us!! We cannot wash personal gear because if it gets damaged in the washing process we, obviously, cannot replace it.
  • Previous to decontamination, the material used to make these bags were exposed to chemicals known to cause cancer. We do not guarantee that all contaminants have been removed from the gear. Purchase and use the bags at your own risk.