Got Gear?


You can use your own gear to make a custom bag for yourself or loved ones! To have a bag made from your own gear: Select a bag you would like to purchase from HERE , select "yes" where it asks "Are you sending in your own gear for this order?". Continue through the checkout process. Once your order is complete, print your receipt and place it in the box with your gear. 

Requirement: You must wash your own gear. We cannot replace what you send us. It's too risky for us to scrub it and possibly damage it in the wash.

Ship gear to:

Firefighter Turnout Bags

490 Via Del Norte

Oceanside, CA 92058



If you have retired gear IN BULK and want to recycle it with FFTOB:

We will pay for the shipping, and we will give you $2 per full piece of gear (i.e. $4 per set of gear- A coat and pair of pants. Full = lining & outer shell). Example: If you give 10 full pieces of gear that is $20 in gear. We pay $1 per lining and $1 per outer shell.

Gear must be shipped with the following form: FFTOB Sending Gear Form

To ship the gear to us:

1. Box up your gear

2. Measure and weigh the package(s). 

3. Provide us with the address the package(s) will be shipping from, and a contact phone number and email address.

4. We will send you the paid postage for the package(s), you will just need to print, apply to the package(s) and drop off at your local UPS store.

In return for the gear, we can either send you a check, or we can send you a gift certificate.

You MUST email us to verify the gear agreement: Email:

Thank you for wanting to recycle your gear with FFTOB!! I hope we can work together to give your retired gear a second life!


FAQ about using your own gear:

Q: Is it the same price if I send my own gear?

A: Making a bag from personal gear actually takes a lot more resources and time than if we were to use the gear that we currently have here. Therefore, the cost of making a bag from your personal gear actually is the same. 


Q: What If I send more gear than is required to fulfill my order?

A: Please contact us for more information about sending in bulk gear. Email us at:


Q: Should I send the lining with the outer shell?

A: Its up to you. If you are sending gear to have a bag made, we recommend you send both so that we can create the inside and the inside pockets from the lining, but it is not a requirement. We can use the supplies we have to create the inside of the bag. 


Q: How many pieces do I need to send? Should I just send my coat or should I send my pants and my coat?

A: Most bags require one piece of gear. So you should send one piece per bag you order; however, if you are ordering the duffel bag, it requires more materials, so you need to send an entire set, or two pieces of gear. The extra large duffel requires about 3 to 4 pieces of gear. You can send either your coat or pants for the bag(s). For small bags that have small pockets, it is best to send your jacket. If the bag has a radio pocket, and your jacket HAS a radio pocket, it is better to send your jacket; however, no matter the piece you send, we are usually able to find a way to make the bag from the gear you send. 


Q: Why do I need to wash my gear before I send it for a bag to be made?

A: We cannot be responsible for, and cannot replace your own personal gear if it is damaged in our rigorous cleaning process. We also cannot work with dirty gear, so it must be washed before we can start working with it; which WILL add more time to the order if we have to wash it if the gear arrives  dirty. We will need to contact you and send you a release form for us to wash it. There is a $20 cleaning charge.

Q: What if I change my mind about ordering a bag after I have sent you my gear? 

A: If you change your mind about ordering just give us a call at 1-877-327-7911 and we will send back your gear, at your expense. Gear may only be stored at our facility for up to 45 days from delivery. After that we reserve the right to recycle it.