We Buy Turnouts

If you have a bunch of gear that is retired, but don't want to put it in the are smart! You and I think alike! We both know perfectly well that its not trash. It will never decompose and its still in good condition. Firefighters are not wasteful and in general are prudent people! Its going to take team work but together, we CAN get this gear to the proper place to be recycled! That place is FFTOB!!




If you have gear IN BULK:

We will give you $2 per piece of gear (i.e. $4 per set of gear- A coat and pair of pants). Example: If you give 10 pieces of gear that is $20 in gear. 

Gear must be shipped with the following form: FFTOB Sending Gear Form


To ship the gear to us:

1. Box up your gear

2. Measure and weigh the package(s). 

3. Provide us with the address the package(s) will be shipping from, and a contact phone number.

4. We will send then send you the paid postage for the package(s), you will just need to print, apply to the package(s) and drop off at your local UPS store.


In return for the gear, we can either send you a check, or we can send you a gift certificate. 


NOTE: We cannot accept yellow gear, or brush gear at this time. If you are not sure if we can accept your gear, PLEASE ask us!


You MUST email us to verify the gear agreement: Email:

Thank you for wanting to recycle your gear with FFTOB!! I hope we can work together to give your retired gear a second life!