Accelerant Bag

Firefighter Turnout Bags

13 X 16 X 5

This bag works as a perfect Diaper, or even Computer bag or both!!. There are three large pockets outside, and there are three large pockets inside. The strap is adjustable. You have a choice for the bag closure: two hardware clasps, a zipper, or a flap with hardware clasps. You can also customize the colors.

Custom bags are made to order. Each custom order takes about between 12-14 weeks from purchase date to be shipped. Shipping takes 1-3 days within the United States.

Each bag is made with recycled materials, so each bag ordered custom will vary from the photo based on materials/resources available. 

NOTE: Previous to decontamination, the material used to make these bags were exposed to chemicals known to cause cancer. We do not guarantee that all contaminants have been removed. 

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